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Using CBD Oil For Shingles: Pros And Cons

People all over the world are enjoying the benefits of CBD oil for shingles. This is one of the most effective forms of treatment available and it is affordable. You may have heard about some of the negative side effects that come with pain killers. The main problem with these medications is that the body begins to depend on them and they can cause dependency.

This means that you will experience a lot of pain relief and then you will experience more pain if you do not take the medication. This is just a fact of life. Most people will simply continue taking their medication long after the side effects have gone away. They will also be subject to many new symptoms once the medication wears off. When you use an herbal remedy, you are removing many of these side effects.

Can Cannabidiol Oil For Shingles Work?

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Cannabidil is the chemical name for our body’s natural endocannabinoid system. The body needs this system to control anxiety and stress. The problem with the conventional prescription drugs for treating shingles, such as the U.S. FDA approved medication, Isotretinoin, is that they cause the body to create CB1 receptors, instead of CB2 receptors, which are responsible for endocannabinoid system regulation. Since CB1 receptors inhibit the effects of endocannabinoids, people suffering from shingles rash symptoms experience less relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the condition. If you’re lucky, and order through the Internet, you might be able to get some of this drug for free, since companies usually provide some of the drug’s active ingredients in order to get them to manufacture and distribute the product in large quantities.

CBD Benefits for Health

  • Besides regulating anxiety and pain, CBD also has many other health benefits. For one, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Research studies have revealed that CBD slows down the development of new blood vessels in the brain, a chemical reaction that is associated with the development of new brain cells. The research also discovered that the cannabidil reduces the inflammation of the arteries, as well as relieving pain and spasms brought about by severe injuries, including dog and cataracts.
  • There are many anecdotal reports on the effectiveness of CBD, but there’s still no concrete medical evidence that it works. The reason for this is that the only person to develop positive results so far is a seven-year-old boy who started using cannabidiol as a substitute for his mother’s asthma medication. He started to experience improvements in the attacks, even becoming less anxious about his symptoms and eventually sleeping through them. The boy was able to take over ten baths per day, despite his frequent headaches, without any adverse side effects.
  • Since CBD is not a psychoactive substance, it has less of an impact on the brain than other anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. It also does not increase heart rate, like most of the psychoactive steroids do. However, the cannabidiol that your body takes in is made up of three different acids, including aldehydes, cysteines, and amino acids. The efficacy of CBD starts to decrease as soon as these acids are combined in the body, which explains why most clinical trials on CBD use concentrated on the benefits of cannabidiol on brain inflammation. A recent study showed that CBD can reduce the risk of acquiring tardive dyskinesia, a muscle and movement disorder associated with aging.
  • Another benefit of CBD is that it is devoid of all of the harmful side effects of CBD, such as memory loss, anxiety, vomiting, and drowsiness. In fact, CBD is so safe that it is recommended for certain ailments where the body’s inflammatory response is suppressing pain, such as arthritis and muscle cramps. The CBD in the oils for shingles treatment acts in much the same way. Unlike THC, which can be smoked, or ingested in food, CBD is taken directly into the blood stream through the skin. Also, unlike with THC, CBD does not produce a powerful enough effect to impair brain function. Therefore, using oils for shingles – which is essentially a homeopathic approach to pain management – may have fewer health complications than other options.
cbd oil for shingles pain

CBD Helps To Get Relief From Shingles

Pain killers can also cause many unwanted side effects. Some of these are memory loss, restlessness, headaches, dizziness, nausea and even more serious problems like confusion and depression. The idea behind using a natural remedy is that you will not experience any of these problems. The supplements also have other health benefits. They are good for your immune system and can help you to lose weight.

When it comes to the question of pain and shingles, the answer is CBD. It is important to note that many other countries such as Australia and New Zealand have developed their own strains of this medicinal plant. You should look carefully at the different strains in order to get the ones that are best suited for your condition. Your doctor should help you determine what strains will work best for your situation.

The second question that people often ask about CBD oil for shingles pain is how it works. To start with, it is in fact very similar to the body’s own natural pain reliever, called endorphins. Endorphins are chemical messengers that help to reduce pain and discomfort. This is why the substance helps to reduce the intensity of the pain and discomfort associated with shingles.

Medical experts have studied the nature of the oil and CBD has been found to be just as effective as morphine. This is why many doctors prefer using these two substances instead of methadone or other synthetic narcotics. They do recommend that you try other treatments first before starting with CBD because some of the side effects including drowsiness, slow breathing, and lightheadedness may appear. It is also important to note that CBD should not be used if you are pregnant, nursing or have a pre-existing heart condition.

You may have to try several strains before you get the relief from shingles pain that you are looking for. The process of getting to the point where you feel well again is going to take time and there are many different things that can affect the way that you go about getting better. Some people report amazing results within days, while others have to try several before they find a consistent source of relief.

Most people report that CBD oil for shingles pain takes about thirty minutes a day and you will get better results if you add it to your diet. You should not ingest this oil by itself, but rather should combine it with food. This makes the oil easier to absorb and you will find that you begin to feel a lot better as the days go on. Make sure that when you are taking the oil for shingles pain, you are drinking the entire thing. Not only is this much more efficient, it is also healthier for you.

What Is The Proper CBD Oil Dosage For Shingles?

The safest dosage for Shingles (the most common cause of Chickenpox) is 1.25 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. This implies that an adult weighing up to forty pounds should consume one gram of CBD every day. As far as age is concerned, one gram of CBD oil dosage for shingles or postherpetic neuralgia may be taken as per the recommendations provided by the doctor, while other recommendations have been made on the basis of experience in treating patients with chronic diseases. However, a number of factors affect the dosage for Shurels, including the level of pain experienced by the patient and frequency of the symptoms. Hence, the dosage for Shurels for any given case has to be decided after considering all these factors. If the person involved in this case has not reported feeling better after three days, then the dosage of Shurels will be increased accordingly.

For those who are in good health and feel that they do not require dosage adjustment, it is advisable to consume two to four grams of pure CBD oil daily for better results. If the person is already undergoing treatment for another chronic illness such as cancer or HIV/AIDS, then the recommended dosage of CBD for shingles is four to six grams daily. The exact dosage of CBD oil for shingles depends on the severity of the symptoms. Those suffering from pain during the course of shingles may require higher doses.

The active form of cbd has proven beneficial for treating different kinds of diseases, especially for those patients who have suffered from chickenpox and who are experiencing symptoms such as pain and burning sensations. It has been proved effective in relieving the pain caused by shingles during the course of treatment. In addition to treating shingles, CBD oil for shingles is also effective in treating chickenpox. Chickenpox is one of the most commonly reported complications associated with shingles. Therefore, numerous natural remedies have been formulated to treat chickenpox and reduce its duration.

As for the other side effects of treatment with CBD oil for shingles, a few of them include mild swelling and reddening at the site of application. Heat exposure may also be experienced. A few studies show that CBD may interfere with the functions of certain immune system components such as the interferon and interleukin-2. It has been found out that the efficiency of the immune system component plays a vital role in the control of symptoms caused by shingles. Therefore, it is important to note that treatment with these topicals must be carried out under the care of your physician.

Studies also reveal that there are certain side effects caused by using CBD topicals. For instance, some individuals are allergic to essential oils and CBD. Therefore, before you use these natural remedies, it is best to consult your physician or allergist.

Studies show that using CBD oil for shingles can reduce inflammation by up to 40%. In addition, it can also improve the efficiency of interferon and interleukin-2. In fact, these topicals may improve the condition of the immune system, thereby reducing the risks of infection and other diseases caused by virus and bacteria.

However, experts warn that it is not advisable to use cbd cream for shingles. This is because it is believed that too much of anything is bad, especially when it comes to the skin. Some studies show that CBD can cause negative side effects such as headaches, nausea, depression, anxiety and even changes in mood and appetite. Therefore, before you decide to treat shingles with cbd oil, it is best to consult your doctor first. Additionally, you should avoid using other types of complementary medicines that are said to be effective in the reduction of symptoms of shingles.

For example, you can find many homeopathic medicines that can help alleviate symptoms of shingles. These natural remedies include lavender, St. John’s wort, licorice, and slippery elm. However, before you try any of these, it is best to discuss your condition with your physician or allergist. Your health care provider can advise you on the proper dosage of these natural remedies that will effectively treat shingles. Moreover, he/she can also provide you with different options on how to lessen the pain and discomfort that you feel due to shingles.