Facts That You Have To Know About E-Juice


When it comes to talking about the modern age developments one thing that we undeniably have to talk about is the invention of e-cigarettes. Only if you understand the concept of the e-cigarette, you will know what e-juice is. Consumption of cigars is an age-old process and a lot of our ancestors who lived centuries ago considered it as culture and a part of their tradition. That is probably the reason as to why the government or the other organisation cannot end the use of cigarettes. But remember the saying ‘Pick the thorn with the thorn’? With the arrival of e-cigars things have taken a positive turn. So here are some of the things that you have to know about e-cigars and e juice.

What is an e-cigar?

We are sure you guessed it right. The letter e in the term stands for electronics, and that is why they are called e-cigars. E-cigars are nothing like the regular cigarettes that you use. It is instead an electronic gadget like thing that is filled with a liquid substance that produces the smoke that you require, and the liquid that is inside the tube is called the e-juice. The best part about these e-juices is that they can also be made at home. Trust us, and we will talk about it in a few.

DIY e-cigars:


So when you buy the e-cigars for the first-time, you already have a filler for you. Once that is done, you only need the juice to create the vapors that you can smoke. It is a great thing that these cigars can be made at home and they are pretty simple than you can imagine. You will need a few components, and that is it you are good to go. The main ingredients that you will require are VG, PG, flavoring agents and nicotine. Of course, you cannot skip the nicotine as that is the substance that supports that addiction that people have in cigars. Apart from that, you will need a simple lab set up, and you are done. The VG and PG make the base, and to it, the nicotine is added, and the juice is done. If you want to make your own e juice, the easiest way is with a ejuice diy kit with all the supplies you need.

Quit Smoking Once For All:

You can quit smoking once for all if you can switch from normal cigarettes to e-cigars. This is something that is hard to believe for the first-time, but that is the truth. With the help of these e-cigars, you can gradually stop smoking because these e-cigars do not contain anything apart from nicotine. However, in normal cigarettes, there are a lot of other ingredients that can have a negative impact and make you addictive. There are also a lot of reports that state that people have completely quit smoking after they started using e-juices and in the long run they have stopped using e-cigars as well.

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